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Lead Game Designer
We are looking for an experienced professional who can manage a team of game designers and support the full development cycle from the concept to the release. This is an opportunity for you to take an active part in the development of a successful project by implementing your ideas.
Our main project is Days After, a mobile game about survival in the world after the zombie apocalypse. The project recently went global and we are actively developing it in cooperation with MY.GAMES Venture Capital (MGVC).
To be done:
  • Managing a team of game designers;
  • Developing new game mechanics and developing current ones;
  • Developing the meta-game and debugging the balance;
  • Improving the economic model and monetization.
Required Skills:
  • Experience of working on a released and operated F2P mobile project;
  • Understanding of the specifics of mobile games in the survival sandbox genre;
  • Knowledge of basic game metrics, experience with analytics;
  • Analytical thinking, responsibility, communicative skills;
  • Developed communication skills, ability to communicate your vision to the team.
On the plus side:
  • Experience working with end game mechanics on a released project;
  • English intermediate level;
  • Good presentation skills.
Terms of employment:
  • Official registration: fully "white" salary, vacation 28 days + 3 additional days off to restore health;
  • Full salary compensation during sick leave;
  • The opportunity to work from anywhere in the world or in our office in St. Petersburg;
  • Flexible start of the working day;
  • Monthly compensation for sports activities;
  • Annual medical examination.
  • Opportunity to participate in closed events from MY.GAMES Venture Capital (MGVC).
  • Co-funding of training;
  • Online English courses for all levels;
  • Professional development and annual performance review.
Comfortable workflow:
  • Working on a promising project in a strong team;
  • Well-established business processes, ensuring effective interaction with colleagues;
  • Creative and democratic environment;
  • Absence of bureaucracy and lengthy approvals.
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This game will make you see survival in the zombie apocalypse in a new light! We are looking for those who are ready to evolve together with us!
Days After: Zombie Survival Game
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